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Night DeskMusic is at the heart of my life so the studio is in my home. It is a warm, inviting place. If you’re here for any length of time you will likely have some of Karen’s hearty homemade organic grub with the family. The studio itself is in a 7x5m attic room, with a second smaller adjacent room for separation if required. I do all acoustic and vocal recording here and use a local facility in the Watchtower for tracking drums or recording larger ensembles.
Based In Spittal, Berwick Upon Tweed, The studio is within easy reach of Edinburgh, Newcastle and beyond, Thanks to its Proximity to the A1 and the main Eastcoast Line.

Including My home, There are many excellent B&B’s and hotels located nearby

Recording Equipment:
2 Imac i7’s Running Logic9, Logic X
Focusrite Saffire LS56
Focusrite Saffire Octopre
Vintage Ferrograph Stereo Preamp
Adam A7x Monitors
8 Headphone Channels

Iainstudio3Legacy: Roland VS1680, Tascam 134 Syncaset, Sony Minidisc recorder

2x Oktavamod MK12’s, 1x Standard MK12
2x AT2050
2x Oktava mod Apex 460 Valve mics
Oktavamod NT1 and NT1a
Oktavamod MXL990
Rode K2 Valve Mic
2xSM57, 2xSM58
Various other Mics

Software & Sample Libraries
Logic 9 and Logic X
Izotope RX3 Advanced
Ozone5 Advanced
Melodyne pitch editor
Extensive boutique reverbs, Eq’s, Emulations,Compressors etc
Large sound libraries and players including
micsKontakt 5, UVI, EXS24, Vienna
Vienna Special edition, All Instruments
Mojo Horns
Various Ivory Pianos
Various Pianoteq Pianos
BFD2, BFD3, Abbey Road drums
Complete suite of 80’s electric pianos and synths
Percussion libraries, SFX Libraries
Off site portable rig
Macbook Pro
3x Focusrite Saffire Pro10’s
6 Headphone Channels


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