Music Production

Below is a selection of tracks recorded and produced for clients of mine. There is a broad range of styles represented here, Pop, Folk, Country, Rock, and many more. Do take your time to sample a good variety of tracks as there is a tremendous amount of diversity here. If you want to hear more in a specific genre, contact me and I can send you more examples.



Pop/Country  Slow burning melancholic ballad Folk/Rock Spacious, wide and ethereal Pop/Soul/Jazz Epic Theatrical journey with a retro feel Folk  Folk from the heart of the scottish borders Blues Fusion  Remixed and enhanced from a live performance Alt. folk  Voice, whistles and drums Pop/Soul Retro 60’s Girl-Pop Rock Hard hitting, with elements from 60’s to 80’s rock Pop/Folk  Super funky Disco Folk Crossover Pop  Classic Mid 80’s style ballad Pop/Soul  Unique 21’st century burlesque waltz Pop/Rock  Trashy 60’s pop





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